A Christmas Card

For the past two years I have handmade my Christmas cards for friends & family - but this year I just didn't feel it.  So I had decided to not do cards.

Then my mum came over to babysit and said how excited she was to see what I created this year for my Christmas cards.  I told her I didn't do them this year and she was very disappointed.  A week later we're out shopping and had a conversation that went like this:

Mum - "You know what I'd really like to have for Christmas?"
Me (excited because let's face it I never really know what she'd like) - "No, what?"
Mum - " A homemade Christmas Card.  I've been collecting them and I really would like one."
Me (feeling VERY guilty) - " Okay."

So on my day off today I spent an hour making a one of card especially for Mum!

I used a file from SVG Cuts and I really like how it turned out!

"Santa's Visit" - SVG Cuts

side view
I used a bunch of scraps, inked the edges, some foam tape and VOILA!  One specially made Christmas Card.  Hopefully she likes it.