My new little baby...

I have always printed my photos at home.  I love the convenience and flexibility this allows me.  I have an older Canon Pixma that does the most amazing 4x6 photos and I love it to pieces, but I often like to print photo collages.  I have been using an HP C4580 up until now, but lately the photos have been printing totally crappy!  I tried cleaning it, de-clogging the print nozzle, buying new ink cartridges - nothing worked.  So I did a little digging around and found a sale at Future Shop and got me a new little baby:

The Epson Artisan 730!!!  The reviews from PC Magazine said that it's regular document print quality was not great but that it printed the most amazing high quality photos so I thought - Perfect!  I could care less if it prints words clearly I just want high quality prints!

I got it tonight, set it up and have already printed a couple of photos (not even on Epson paper!) and they are spectacular!  I am in love!

I can not wait to start scrapbooking again now that I can print my photos properly.  LOVE!

Thanks for letting me gloat! :)

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Kelly Bee said...

Are you using this printer just for larger print outs or will you be using it for 4X6 as well? I don't scrapbook but I do "smash book" and am thinking about a printer for smaller images (using a POGO now but the colours are a lot darker than traditional picture printing)