Latrice's Scrapbook Throwdown Day 7

So today's challenge was using Ribbon.  I confess I buy the ribbon, it's pretty but really what I am going to do with it??  On this page I used it as a border strip to hide the seam between my two patterned papers.  I really worked quite well.  I glued my ribbon down but I think in the future I will sew it down to keep it flat and ensure it doesn't come up.

The ribbon I used had a white stitch line already running through the middle of it so I didn't want to sew on it adding even more lines.  Note to self, sew directly over the existing white stitching and no one will notice!

"Untitled - I will come up with one soon!"

The green ribbon under the photos acts as a border.

You might notice I tried hand stitching on this page as well.  It was my first time doing it and I will NEVER do it again!  It's too chunky and way too time consuming!

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