For the past several weeks I have been renovating my craft room.  It's a spare bedroom in our house that I have always used as my craft room, however after 5 years in the house, the room was not meeting my crafting needs! So I sat down with pencil and paper and keeping in mind the supplies I have (and allowing for some growth!), I planned out my new Craft Studio.

This is one of the only pictures I have of before:
Old Space - Early 2011

I used to just scrapbook but now that I have started stamping, I needed more space and storage.  Here is the room now:
New Space - August 2011

I made the main table myself and designed and built the storage under the back countertop.  I designed the storage to hold the 3-drawer 12x12 storage units I got at Walmart and allowed for magazine storage below them.  I had thought about using stock kitchen cabinets but they were too high to sit at (and I prefer to sit when I create).  Here's a better view of one of the units:
Magazine and tool storage
The 3-drawer units are great because when I got to a crop 3 of them fit into a camping bag and I don't have to unpack anything.  I just pack all 6 units into my 2 camping bags (that I got at Canadian Tire that are suppose to hold tents).  And there's enough room to fit my printer and Cricut in the bags as well.

A few years ago I came across a design for a cork board that I really liked, but I modified it to be a magnetic chalkboard and made it myself.  I love it because it holds all my lists and notes and I can sketch designs on it if I want.  It's on the wall I face while working (directly above my little TV).  Also the extra chair is so my 2-year old daughter can sit with Mummy and colour!
TV and old dresser used for misc storage
I also reused a shelving unit that the previous owners left behind when we bought the house and turned it into my album storage space - it's amazing what a little white paint can do!
Bookcase left behind by previous owners

Here's one more look at the overall room - I LOVE IT!!!!
I love my space!
Now that I have a nice clean organized space I can get back to the fun stuff - CRAFTING!


Francine D. said...

Wow Angela. Very impressive. You did an absolutely fantastic job of remodelling your studio.


Sharon said...

Beautiful room. I love how organized everything is and how everything has it's place.